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Health and Wellness Services For Schools, Teams and Coaches​​

1. Building Positive and Healthy Relationships.

2. Healthy Teen Dating,

3. Preventing Teen Dating Violence.

4. Understanding and Preventing Depression.

5. Preventing Substance Use and Abuse.

6. Understanding Teen Mental Health.

7. Leadership Development.

8. Developing Healthy Role-Models.

9. Recognizing and Treating Eating Disorders.

10. Successful Conflict Resolution.

11. Understanding The Impact of Trauma.

12. Self-Esteem Development for Young Women.

13. Fostering Team Chemistry and Team Building.

14.  The Dangerous Impact of Social Media on Adolescent Development.


June 28th, 2018

National Honor Society At Holy Cross

What participants of Dr. LaCure's workshops and presentations are saying:

"Dr. LaCure brought a lot of energy and was very entertaining.  He definitely did not hold back or sugar coat anything he said, which was very refreshing.  Seems like a great coach."


"Very good, thoroughly enjoyed his presentation.  Could have listened to him for hours."


"Very entertaining."


"Great public speaker!  Used humor effectively to deal with some very emotionally sensitive subjects."


"I really enjoyed Dr. LaCure's presentation.  Very relevant material--I bought his book at the end.  Could have listened to him for twice the time.  Would love to see him again."


"Dr. LaCure presents with so much passion and energy it's hard to take your eyes off of him.  Great command of the material and really engages his audience.  Looking forward to hearing him again."


"Great book and even a better presenter!"


"Dr. LaCure made us feel like we could do anything ........and that we should!"


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